It’s not fucking funny, alright.

That’s the message that came out of a Betoota Ponds watering hole yesterday afternoon following an impromptu catch up between a few old mates.

Enjoying a few mid-week glass sandwiches at the the Ponds Tav, the group of mates stumbled upon a particularly prickly topic of conversation.

The height of the most vertically challenged man in the group.

Boasting a generic couple tall bits of a timber and a few average sized friends, the friendship group in question is of course blessed with having a little jockey.

And while the short king in question named Toby claims to not have an issue with his height, it is something which always seems to get him wound up.

Like last night, when someone made a joke about him needing a kids booster seat to sit up at the table with the rest of them.

That was enough to start the spiralling circus of short jokes met with assurances that he doesn’t have an issue with them, they aren’t funny, and they aren’t even clever.

Eventually causing the full dummy spit with the fuming jockey asking one giggling mate in particular to ‘just fucking drop it cuntttttt.’

Because, as he says, it’s just not fucking funny – even if everyone else laughs.

More to come.


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