In a sensational sporting comeback, a much loved Aussie figure is set to return to the limelight this weekend.

Following a big gaffe from the cricket world yesterday, Joe The Cameraman is set to return to the fold.

Two decades after shooting to prominence as a result of the Scott Muller incident, Joe is set to be wheeled out by broadcaster Kayo after Shane Warne and Andrew Symonds were caught with a very very hot mic.

The pair were talking shit about Marnus Labuschagne in the box when they were broadcast out onto the airwaves.

While the network has apologised for the gaffe, they are now reportedly set to reveal that it wasn’t actially Warnie and Roy talking shit, but Joe the Cameraman.

Similar to the time he took reponsibility for someone saying Shane Warne’s teammate Scott Muller couldn’t bowl or throw (that wasn’t Shane Warne apparently) – Joe is set to confess to uttering the one air sledges that went out yesterday.

“Yeah Joe was actually mocking Warnie and Roy and that was broadcast out of the box,” explained an insider.

“The audio wasn’t on from the box, so it was just Joe saying those things over the top of the video footage.”

“Cause the boys were just talking bout golf.”

“So Joe’s back baby”


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