In the most outrageous casting choice since the last outrageous casting choice, actor, comedian, and Instagram socialiser James Franco has been cast to play Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

Despite not being Cuban, communist, or even capable of surviving an assasination attempt, Franco has been cast to portray the cigar-smoking revolutionary.

In a statement today, Franco has addressed the casting controversy by assuring audiences he is the right actor for the job as he will bring out the humorous, weed-smoking side to the role of Fidel Castro.

“Guys, just imagine his cigars are blunts,” stated Franco.

“Remember that time Castro tripped over? What if he was stoned?”

“What if the whole missile crisis thing was just because Castro had the munchies? Because that’s me, that’s my life.”

This marks the second occasion Franco has played fire with an autocratic figure, previously angering Kim Jon Un, parodying him in a comedy film called The Interview which you might have watched on a plane once.

“And don’t worry, we’ve got another comedic actor to play Che Guevera, you may have heard of him, a really funny guy called Seth Rogen.”


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