A local hospitality baron has today revealed to The Advocate the extent to which the ‘labour shortage’ has affected the economy.

Payt Hief, the owner of the Tarte à la Crème restaurant and bar chain in South Western Queensland explained that it’s physically impossible to find staff.

“For love or money, it’s not possible to hire anyone to work,” said Hief.

“Well, I guess technically just for love,” sighed the employer offering a minimum award rate with little to no job certainty heading into the future.

“But it’s because the government is just paying people to sit on their arse and bludge all day,” continued the man who thinks people are living a life of luxury on the poverty line.

“If it’s more attractive to live on slightly less money than I’m offering for people to work tough hours and tough work, then it’s the government’s fault, not mine.”

“I don’t know why a mother of three kids wouldn’t want to work three 6 pm to 1 am shift at one of my bars on a smidgen over the minimum wage.”

Hief then explained that he just can’t wait for the borders to open back up.

“We need to bring back the vulnerable underclass of immigrants who we can exploit financially because they aren’t looked after as well Australian citizens,” said Hief.

“It’s not just me, farmers, retail, everyone is struggling to find people.”

“Dole bludgers just refuse to live in a camp an hour out of a small regional centre and pick fruit for 7.50 an hour in the blazing sun.”

“So the sooner this government who pretends to be tough on borders opens things up and let us steal wages from students and workers trying to send money back home again, the better!”


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