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The shortbread industry is still reeling after a disastrous end to 2020. 

“I just can’t explain it” said Kevin McMuffin from the Genuine Scottish Authentic Tartan Bagpipes Kilt-town Shortbread Co, based in a factory unit in Betoota’s FlightPath District, QLD.

“We had steady sales all year. Then starting in December sales really took off; we could barely keep up with demand. Suddenly, on December 26: nothing.”

“We didn’t sell a single unit. It’s devastating, we had to cancel the night shift and let go of 20 people that only started two weeks ago. The market is so fickle, I have no idea what is going on.”

Kevin said the while his 10-month-old business would probably survive, the impact of the unexpected sales collapse would be felt for years to come.

“December 26 will always be remembered as a dark, dark day for the Shortbread industry.


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