While the prolonged bushfire season continues to cause grief for for firefighters and rural community members, there are thousands of other Australians indirectly suffering in ways that don’t make the headlines.

The small town businesses that have been damaged by both fire and the lack of tourism dollars are just some of the forgotten victims of the bushfires.

The sacrifices made by the overworked cadet journalists on the ground covering the fire warning and recovery efforts are also lost in their own reporting.

But it’s not just people hurting, ecologists estimate that close to one billion native animals are estimated to have perished in the climate-change aided blazes that have been ravaging the east coast since September.

However, it seems that both the big news stations and the general population are also choosing to forget one other vulnerable group who are suffering at this time.

The stay-at-home bachelors, who are now forced to continue living life with a lack of hot chicks in their instagram feeds.

We spoke to one of these degenerates who uses social media to get a closer look at the beach activities of old high school acquaintance and family friends. This is what he had to say.

“It’s so shit, man” says local Insta-creep, Dale (24).

“Like, I feel sorry for all the koalas and people with respiratory problems… But like, come oooon”

“That’s all I’ve seen for like four months now. The koalas and smokey sunsets. Getting over it aye”

“I get it, people wanna highlight the issues and mourn, but, like, leave that to the news ha”

“Get back to the Bali photos haha”


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