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People do things for no reason all the time. This year, Megan Holmes got a David Jones American Express card for no reason.

The popular solicitor and captain of the Betoota Heights Veronica’s Netball team was asked by two friends over lunch today when she went to pay her share of the Mexican.

“Oh wow, why did you get the David Jones Amex?” a friend asked her.

Megan shrugged and said she didn’t know.

Our reporter was at the Colon Ardiente Cantina in the Old City District for lunch as well and overheard Megan’s friends begin piling on the shit.

“Did you think David Jones points are more valuable than Qantas ones or something?”

Megan said she didn’t know.

Another friend piped up.

“Do you even shop at David Jones? Nobody our age shops at David Jones.”

Now the 28-year-old was beginning to panic.

“No,” Megan started.

“I actually go to the food court all the time when I can’t be fucked walking all the way to Harris Farm. The sushi train there is nice and sometimes I treat myself,”

“Look, I got this skirt from DJs.”

Megan stood up and clip-clopped in a circle a few times in her Dianna Ferraris.

Her friends were impressed but still. It wasn’t enough to sully their jibes.

“But Meggy, these points are useless. My uncle’s pancreas is more useful and he has to juice himself up with insulin before he puts a whole tray of chilled-food-section lasagne into him,” a friend added.

Megan sighed and took out her Barefoot Approved ING debit card.

More to come.


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