Prime minister Scott Morrison has a minority government and the crossbench has a new MP after Kerryn Phelps dominated the Liberals a record-breaking defeat by a record-breaking swing.

Some analysts say that by ousting Prime Minister Turnbull, who had a stranglehold on what should be the safest Liberal seat in the entire country, and almost indefinitely sacrificing a win at the next election to appease the unwarranted ambitious and unexplainably powerful grip of former highway cop from Queensland with a 5% approval rating, the Liberal Party may have lost the interest of the wealthy elite from Sydney’s Eastern suburbs.

While many have described the Independent candidate’s victory as a bloodbath, it spells much rougher seas ahead for the Liberal Party, who now must operate with a hung parliament.

This means, for the next few months, North Queensland Independent Bob Katter will be returning to his favourite position as the balance of power. Meaning, until at least April, the government will have to do everything he wants.

“I wanna kill crocs. You lot have all been stopping me. Well, I wanna kill crocs” says the stern Member for Kennedy.

“Go for your life” says a defeated Prime Minister Morrison.

“Just go for it”

Katter, thinking to himself for several minutes then went ahead and came up with a few more requests.

“And I want 26 different dams built between Mt Isa and Townsville”

Morrison nodded slowly.

“And I want these bankers that have been defaulting loans for drought-stricken farmers who never missed a payment put in prison”

Morrison draws the line.

“Woa woa woa!”

“Ease up Bob. I said keep it realistic”


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