A local ex-footy star turned menace-to-society has today been accused of plagiarising his entire sense of humour from the glory years of Reg Reagan street talks.

At the pub this afternoon, Betoota Ponds funny guy Jaxon Presley (36) has responded quite defencively to claims that all of his best material has been borrowed from his Best Of The Footy show DVD collections.

“Get fucked” says Jaxon, before giving a Fatty Vautin head wobble.

“I know what game you boys are playing, and it’s not a game we play in Cessnock!”

While perhaps forgien to Gen Z and Victorians, the cultural impact of Reg Reagan remains very visible in footy clubs and dive pubs around Australia – and is still recognised as one of the great comedic influences of the local funny guy.

Reg Reagan was fictional character created by Australian rugby league player turned Footy Show host, Matthew Johns. His signature outfit is a false Horseshoe Moustache, A pillow stuffed in his singlet to resemble a beer gut and a shirt displaying his catchphrase “Bring back the biff”.

For years this character was seen walking the streets of rugby league heartlands and filming interactions with local degenerates, cultivating some of the most

The character’s quick wit and homoerotic banter has been relayed right across the East and west of the Australian continent – with many young blokes simply not realising their entire sense of humour has been shaped by a couple glorious years of Australian television.

However, Jaxon denies it.

“Go and get stuffed” he says, before ordering a round of drinks that will eventually lead to his Trent the Flight Steward impersonation.


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