The Hollywood film industry is this week under fire after the release of the revamped Charlie’s Angels film.

This week Paul Kelly and his guitar stopped by to play us some brand new music and chat about his life and career. Listen here:

While some in the echo-chamber of Twitter had been praising the new film, others have been quick to fire up at what they see as ‘modern-day tokenism.’

The continuation of popular TV shows and the movies from the early 2000s features three female stars in Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska and was released in Australia last night.

One local film expert who won’t speak to anyone that uses Rotten Tomato’s as a reference named Em Ar-Ay explained that he can’t believe how ‘cheap’ this new film is.

“I mean, this is so symptomatic of 2019,” explained the 34-year-old finance analyst by day.

“So many movies have to fulfil quotas and appease the virtue signalling left, and that’s what this Charlie’s Angels does,” he said in between sips of his Mountain Dew.

“We don’t want to make movies with strong white male protagonists that I know and love because it’s problematic now.”

While some have been quick to point out that the original was actually a pretty heavy female cast, the likes of Ar-Ay aren’t having any of it.

“It’s just sad. Soon we’ll be having all-female remakes of Die Hard and the Bourne Films.”


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