The nation’s newest greenie has wowed reporters at a spectacular press conference this morning.

Speaking with a couple of politicians down in Sydney, Andrew ‘Hippy Twiggy’ Forrest rolled in to speak with an incredible bongo drum rendition of Bob Marley’s Buffalo Soldier.

Finishing off a feverish rendition of the popular song, the head of one of the largest resources companies quickly paused to light some essential oils to set the mood.

“My special Vetiver and Frankincense mix,” laughed Hippy Twiggy, the man weirdly keen to lead the nation to net-zero 2050.

“Helps with clarity,” he continued, turning to the politicians clambering to try and hit some clean energy targets with his new Hydrogen pitch.

“Like realising my Hydrogen plan is the way to go for this nation, and a smart investment for our state and federal governments.”

The comments from the billionaire who received 2.4 billion dollars in dividends from Fortescue Metals Group in August this year has hit the road this week to pitch his green hydrogen scheme to the country, promising to lower emissions if the taxpayer wants to help him out.

With Queensland and New South Wales jumping on board, the man who called the Resources Tax a ‘mad dog’s breakfast’ and has wierdly all of a sudden taken a real interest in going green.

“It’s the way of the future, for the environment and people like me who control our energy and resources sector,” said Hippy Twiggy.

“Just ignore this coordinated flicking over of the agenda on climate change by the media and powerful elites who are now ready to capitalise on the money on offer in the renewable energy sector.”

“It’s all about going green baby, here anyone want to try some of my homebrew kombucha?”

More to come.


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