Following the fourth week of severe bushfires ravaging the country, it can be confirmed today that some hippies disrupting public transport may have not been that disruptive in the scheme of things.

This comes after the Extinction Rebellion protestors inconvenienced some of the nation’s city workers by protesting and calling for action on Climate Change.

In the wake of those protests, the current protests by the nation’s bushfires have taken things to the next level, by continuing to cripple various parts of the eastern seaboard.

With 10% of NSW’s National Park’s forests destroyed, countless days of productivity lost across the board from citizen to fire chief level, and hundreds of millions of dollars in damages stacking up it’s beginning to look more and more likely that the hippy protestors may have been on to something.

“Yeah, maybe a few lost minutes of city people’s time wasn’t that bad compared to estimated losses, expenses and effects on people’s lives over the last month or so,” explained a Sydney man who was 10 minutes late to work a couple of months ago.

“Given the rough cost of the bushfires in 2013 was 4.3 billion, and we haven’t even rolled into summer yet the effects of climate change on bushfire season may have some long-running impacts I think.”

“We’ve just got to figure out the right time to talk to the Prime Minister about it.”

“Hopefully the fires don’t run all summer so we can talk about it soon.”


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