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A naive local Staffordshire Bull Terrier owner has lied to himself, the wider public and to his own pet this afternoon by claiming that his dog wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Murray Steenson, who shot to local fame two years ago for mailing a crude pipebomb to Mayor Keith Carton’s electoral office, told The Advocate this afternoon in the Old City District’s tranquil Machattie Park, that his dog wouldn’t hurt and fly – and that ‘staffies’ are misunderstood gentle giants.

The 24-year-old convicted domestic terrorist said it was OK for our reporter to conduct the interview without an Adler shotgun across his lap, that his dog ‘Devil’ was harmless.

“No really, he loves having his tummy scratched! Look!” he laughed as he scratched his dog’s tum tum.

Our reporter politely declined the offer.

When the Betoota dog attack statistics from the past decade were put to Murray (which clearly show a pattern of staffie and other dangerous dog breeds being the biggest dog bite merchants), he just laughed.

“There’s a disproportionate amount of staffies in Betoota, being the dog fighting mecca of Australia and all!”

“Plus, a dog attack says more about the owner that it does the dog.”

Our reporter concluded that he wasn’t going to get through to this utter pillock of a dog owner, put one 12 gauge slug up the spout and walked back first toward the car.

More to come.


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