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HBO has given viewers of their popular Game of Thrones franchise something to look forward to this morning, hinting at a spin-off series that would see Brienne Of Tarth trade Westeros for the streets of Manhattan.

Tarth, who spend much of the final season of the show exploring her sexuality, will be central to a new HBO project that looks to create a hybrid of their two greatest franchises – Game of Thrones and Sex and the City.

Speaking to The Advocate this morning as he makes his way through the tidal wave of hate mail currently on his desk, one HBO executive said they’re looking to keep the good times rolling with exciting new projects such as the Brienne Of Tarth spinoff.

“I think audiences will love this series. It’s Kings Landing meets the East Village. Brienne now works as a sex columnist for a major daily in the Big Apple. She’s going through men like squares of toilet paper. Lots of nudity and lots of gore. Have I got your attention? Good,” he said.

“We haven’t told George [R.R. Martin] yet but we’re confident we can buy him again. There’s nothing he likes more than making fans wait, then selling out to a bunch of money-hungry studio executives at the last minute so they can butcher his life’s work,”

“Anyway, we’ve signed on key talent for the project. There’s even a chance little Ayra might find her way up the East River at some point! [laughs] It’s something to look forward to, regardless. More information coming soon!”

The Advocate reached out to George R.R. Martin’s management for comment but were told George is too busy fucking around instead of writing the books he owes the world.

More to come.


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