Notorious loose cannon Tim Wells has just returned from his first ever trip to Melbourne.

The Brisbane local had started his Friday with an obligatory drop into Naked For Satan, when all of a sudden he found himself deep in the bellows of Prahran’s least exclusive nightclub, Revolver.

Despite the night comprising mostly of sinister smoker’s area talks and watching a lone man boogey by himself in a corner, Tim cannot stop raving about it.

“Oh dude, Revs was so cool,” says Tim, his voice breaking slightly, “I reckon everyone should go there at least once.”

Tim had been popping his way through the inner-city clubbing scene when the last drink mark loomed near.

While off his head and not keen to deal with a comedown, Tim followed the excited calls of ‘REVS’ and made his way into what appeared to be the seventh dimension of hell.

The 24 hour party hut, known for being the only bar in Melbourne that sells more water than alcohol, proved to be an unforgettable experience.

“It’s hard to explain it, really. It’s somehow both energetic and completely soulless at the same time.” Says Tim.

Tim ended up spending an entire weekend at the nightclub when he found himself busting out at 8 am Monday to a sea of city workers. The slightly sobering experience of watching a man buy his morning coffee and bagel sent him into a bit of a head spin.

“I had no idea what day it was. It was like being sucked into a black hole where time didn’t exist anymore.”

Tim says he’d definitely go again, but needs some time to rethink his life first.


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