Bizarre rumours that the Democratic People’s Republic Of Western Australia’s Supreme Leader Mark McGowan has been replaced with a body double have resurfaced.

Images of the Supreme Leader accompanied by a near identical 50-something silver fox has sparked a social media frenzy as eagle-eyed Twitter users claim that the two have been swapping places at public events.

In one image taken by a press photographer and circulated to news organisations, which we have used at the top of this story, Supreme Leader McGowan can be seen handing media notes to a man that could easily be mistaken for him – if the two weren’t standing together.

Rumours about a lookalike standing in for The Supreme Leader at public events have circulated on social media for weeks now, and were only accelerated by media reports that McGowan had in fact died last week.

Political insiders that work closely in Western Australian Parliament’s One-Party government suggest that the body double may in fact be Kwinana MP Roger Cook – A long-distance runner who also enjoys the recreational hobby of beekeeping.

With McGowan believed to be aged around 55, Roger Cook would only be two years older – according to a copy of his birth certificate that was obtained by the Betoota Advocate.

As medium-height, grey-haired caucasian man who has spent his career working in the Labor Party, it would make sense that The Supreme Leader has chosen Roger Cook to play the role of his stand-in body double – with Western Australia’s few dissident voices questioning how long this may have been happening.

With an approval rating of 91% in September 2020 at the height of the pandemic, the use of a body-double would explain the Supreme Leader’s ability to attend every single press conference related to public health measures – as well as his usual calendar requirements that see him opening children’s hospitals and kissing babies.

These rumours show no sign of slowing down – following the news of a discreet cabinet reshuffle that will also see incoming Deputy Premier Rita Saffioti taking on both Treasury and tourism to her existing transport responsibilities.

What is going on in The West? 🤔


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