Betoota Heights man Tom Thistlethwaite must be doing quite well for himself, it can be confirmed today.

The confirmation comes after a bunch of neutral observers reached a consensus on the issue.

“Oh, he’d definitely be making an account of himself,” explained one community spokesperson today.

The comments come after the better than average looking male teacher at Betoota Heights Public School settles into his third year in the community.

Being one of a handful of male individuals on school grounds, Tom has certainly drawn his fair share of attention over the last little while.

“Let me put it this way,” explained the community spokesperson.

“He’s certainly beating out the 64-year-old grounds keeper who consumes a pie and an apple turnover for recess every morning when it comes to female attention.”

“He’s an affable young man too, which really makes him one of the hottest commodities in town.”

“I think Tom’s made the most of the parent teacher nights.”

While allegations have swirled in the community about fleeting relationships with various other staff members at BPS over the years, there has been confirmation that quite a few MILF cheeks have clapped since he moved to town.

Tom was unavailable to comment, even through his burner Facebook account where he changed all the T’s to S’s.

More to cum.


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