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Local contractor Craig Nicholson (27) was excited to try the new schnitzel sandwich special from his local cafe, yet was sure to remove the tomato slices from it before tucking in.

While Nicholson maintains he was keen to try the “European Schnitzel Roll,” he decided to open the roll and drop the slices in the bin, despite the fact he will be turning 28-years-old this year.

“I just don’t like tomato. I left the lettuce on so it’s still healthy.”

Sandwich maker Wendy Templeman (68) stated that in addition to removing the tomato himself, Nicholson also asked her to leave the pesto aioli off his sandwich, opting instead for “plain mayo.”

“I don’t think he even knows what pesto is.”

Speaking exclusively with The Advocate, Nicholson confirmed he does not, in fact, know what pesto is.

“I asked her and she started explaining it but I was already thinking nup, I don’t like the sound of that, just plain mayo for me thanks love. Plenty of salt too thanks.”

After ordering the sandwich with this slight adjustment, Nicholson claimed he was too embarrassed to ask for the tomato to be removed as well and decided he was mature enough to pick his own tomato off like a big boy.

“You know what the worst thing is though? I can still taste the tomato.”



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