A bunch of people who did Nazi salutes on the weekend while covering their lip John Cleese-style in tribute to Adolf Hitler while protesting against migration and promoting a white Australia, have claimed that they are not Nazis.

This claim appears to be in contrast to the SS Helmets they were seen carrying at the time and the swastika tattoos.

This follows reports by the Herald Sun that ‘hundreds’ – but actually more like a bit over one hundred far-right activists clashed with 200 anti-racism protesters on the foreshore of St Kilda Beach throughout the afternoon on Saturday.

By 4pm, three people had been arrested and one man treated by parademics  after he was affected by capsicum spray, but the hostile stand-off never escalated into a riot due to the fact that there were way more cops there than anyone else.

However, the instigators of the ‘St Kilda picnic’ claim that they are nothing more than proud Australians, and that their group of a hundred or so patriots should not be judged by the vast number of people involved in their rally who were visibly advocating Nazi ideology.

“We aren’t Nazis” said one man, who was pointing his hand in the air like Nazis do and shouting ‘Heil Hitler’.

“We are just proud Aussies that watch Sky News and are sick of hearing about teenage migrants committing crime in this suburb we aren’t from”

However, seeing as you can’t be arrested for Nazism in Australia, despite the thousands of Australians who died fight Nazism, the police were unable to arrest anyone for anything except for carriyng weapons and meth.

An 18-year-old man from Sunbury was arrested for possessing a dangerous article, reportedly several large fishing sinkers or weights, and an 18-year-old man from Maroondah was arrested for possessing a drug of dependence.

A third man was taken in for breaching the terms of his bail.


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