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One of the coolest people on the Gold Coast has pioneered a trendy new hairstyle.

Local bar-owner Wyatt Shubrigade (36) has come a long way since his Stafford Brothers-style straightened-side-bangs, and is now rocking the ‘back knot’.

Paired with a well-manicured beard, Wyatt finally has a distraction for all the women who can’t help but stare at his over-the-top pectoral muscles that are all but bare through his baggy low cut U-neck t-shirt.

“What’s going on fellas, can I get you a few bevvies?” he asks three females patrons at his cool new venue that looks kind of likes one of the new style of dive bars that keep popping  up in suburban Brisbane.

“We’ve got wings. You guys like wings?”

Despite playing himself off as a cool surfer type, Wyatt’s actually spends most of his free time with dodgy blokes who look like they might be low-tier bikie enforcers.

But then again, it’s hard to tell, because he only spends his free-time in the bar, and everyone on the Gold Coast wears long-sleeved bikie-themed Deus ex Machina t-shirts as it is.

At time of press, Wyatt was recommending some good local surf spots for girls who don’t surf and didn’t really ask for good local surf sports.



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