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New South Wales Premier Glayds Berejiklian has told the state’s corruption watchdog today that her relationship with former Wagga MP Daryl Maguire was the dream of every girl from Sydney’s North Shore.

Mr Maguire is currently facing a corruption inquiry after allegedly taking kickbacks from property developers.

But Mr Maguire, as a soft, moleskin-wearing country boy from some of the nation’s sweetest country, was a “sitting duck for a North Shore Girl” according to the Premier.

“What else can I say?” she asked the inquiry.

“He’s just a big idiot [laughs] Daryl’s a big softie. Like other girls from my part of the world, I’m just a sucker for a big dumb country boy that wears moleskins to the pub. He’s got a nice farm with cute animals that run around and like, yeah, I’m sorry [laughs] Just look at him, he’s such a cutie,”

“God, I can smell the gum leaves on him still. He can’t park a car and he hates driving in traffic. He always used to say he could never live in the city because of all the noise and people jammed in like sardines. He can hold court at the pub and tell great and interesting stories about the bush, to which all my city friends laugh and then turn to me and nod as if to say, ‘This one’s a keeper,’ and so on. Oh well. Good things never last, do they?”

The inquiry then passed a motion indicating that good things indeed never last.

More to come.


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