A giant domestic pet toy has appeared in the Galilee basin today, after it becomes increasingly likely that the Greens will control the balance of power in the Senate.

This news comes as the left celebrate the only arguably good news for them to cling to, following the convincing coalition win in the 2019 Federal Election.

With the government looking like they’ll probably have to negotiate with at least one or two of the Greens to pass anything on the Senate floor, a giant Hamster Wheel has popped up in Central Queensland.

With work yet to get underway on the highly scrutinised mining project that will provide the people with employment for a few years, it’s believed the Hamster Wheel will give the first employees something to do while the government deals with the Greens in the Upper House.

“Yep, while the Government runs in circles trying to get any legislation passed the Senate, we’ve got the Wheel up here to keep people occupied,” a spokesperson for the large multinational company explained.

“And so while weather conditions continue to get worse in our drought affected state because of the man made effects of climate change, which may or may not be happening, we’ll just keep this wheel spinning till we dig on down into the ground,”

“Which needs to happen, because this state doesn’t need long term thought out investment in infrastructure, tourism and agriculture to ensure a sustainable economy, it just needs a sugar hit of a few thousand jobs for a few years to stave off the inevitable.”

“So let’s get it done Queensland!”

“How good’s Queensland!”


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