Former Cardinal and current convicted pedophile George Pell has today successfully ‘Shane Watsoned’ to the High Court.

The once 3rd highest-ranking official in the Catholic Church managed to pull off the move by reviewing the decision despite being fully aware his dismissal was given correctly by the umpires.

The type of review was named after former Australian Cricketer Shane Watson, who famously seemed to review decisions that were pretty clearly given out correctly.

The 78-year-old George Pell is currently serving a six-year jail sentence after a jury unanimously found he had sexually assaulted two choirboys while he was the archbishop of Melbourne in the mid-1990s.

However, in one final roll of the dice, Pell has appealed to the High Court, by motioning his arms to signify the review.

Like the great Australian All-Rounder who made the form of hopeless review possible, Pell sent the decision upstairs knowing full well the ball was cannoning into middle stump.

“The ball was pitching in line, the impact was in line and it was going on to knock middle stump out of the ground, but George has decided to review the decision in some hope of divine intervention in the shape of a front foot no-ball or something of the like,” his lawyer explained.

The case has been referred to the full bench of seven justices of the High Court and should be heard early next year.


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