A local gay-bar owner, Cecil Freidman, has today raised his concerns for the future, after a wave of technological advances in the gay dating sector.

Gay-dating and pick up apps, just as Grindr and the popular Betoota start up RootR, are slowing trade for the iconic homosexual retreat. That and the fact that the legalisation of gay marriage has broken down stigma to the point where gay people can go out and not have to only hang around other gay people.

This comes after a August report that found gay venues across the country are essentially now just being used as a playground for hens parties.

The close-knit French Quarter gay community has since lashed out at the constant stream of maids-of-honour booking Hen’s Nights at their local waterhole.

The Sex Cauldren on Rue Langue de L’homme has been a gay institution for almost a generation – up until now, says the prominent community figure, Freidman.

“That bar was a safe, inclusive space for the wider gay community in town,” he said.

“That was until the apps essentially rendered us useless, except for poorly behaved heterosexuals who can’t get into any other pubs in the area because they are too drunk, or banned”

However, despite the rough seas ahead, the versatile business-owner refuses to go down without a fight.

“I guess I could fill the place with 120 poker machines and offer steak specials”

“Maybe a Fox Sports subscription and a TAB – replace the drag trivia night with a punters club”

“The only way we can survive is if we transition from a place where people find love to a place where people find misery and financial hardship”

“I’ll still keep the bar staff on though, they’ve got the best contacts for GHB”


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