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The Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has made a landmark shift in monetary policy this morning that shifts blame for the stagnate economy from his government to our nation’s Baby Boomers.

This brings the government in line with the commonly-held theory that all of the issues that Australia faces in the future have been caused by a single generation.

Mr Frydenberg, or Heavy Jay as he’s known to his staff, is in Betoota today on his tour of drought-affected desert communities. Shortly before lunch, he took the time to speak to local media about his new policy and what the people of the great interior can come to expect of it.

First addressing the key issues of water and food security, Josh went onto explain why the problems of tomorrow are the fault of the people of yesterday.

“It’s becoming increasingly clear to the government that Baby Boomers are the ones who’ve caused the problems we’re going to be facing into the future,” he said.

“All of them. From the sputtering economy to the rising oceans to the increased severity of droughts and flooding rains. It’s all the fault of the Boomers,”

“The government as bore the brunt of the blame for too long, it’s time the real culprits are fingered! The government is on your side.”

More to come.


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