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Leaked documents have revealed this morning that Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg secretly cancelled a plan to start a GoFundMe campaign for the economy in the wake of the Israel Folau controversy.

The papers suggest Josh was impressed by the rate at which Australians are prepared to part with their money for such an asinine and self-indulgent cause and thought they’d naturally do the same for the nation’s purse.

However, it appears Josh pulled the campaign just hours before it was due to go live.

Speaking to our reporter via Wickr, a federal member of parliament confirmed that the idea split the party room but the crowd-funding campaign received the green-light late last night.

“We’re all out of ideas for how we can fix the economy. It’s fucking fucked, mate. The economy’s coil pack has shit itself. It won’t go,” he said.

“So Josh suggested last week that we start a GoFundMe page for the economy, as opposed to raising taxes on the wealthy, large multinationals and mining companies,”

“It was just about to go live when we saw Israel Folau’s one got pulled down because of how fucked up and disgusting his cause was. I mean, to put your hand out for money when you’ve got millions of dollars in assets is just wrong. Fuck that fucking cunt and everything he stands for. Fuck him right to hell. God, if only the party room heard me say that! Anyway, I think this is the first good call Josh has made as treasurer, to cancel this crowd-funding campaign. Good talking to you, it’s nice to keep the back channels open.”

The Advocate reached out to Josh for comment but his office didn’t reply.

Request for comment was also put to Israel but his egotistical and bigotted response isn’t worth publishing. He is also a fuckwit.

More to come.


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