In what has become quite a common occurence within social circles around the country, local durry scab Jayson Reid (32) has made the pivotal shift to scabbing hits of other people’s vapes.

The increased trend of smoking disposable vapes in favour of a classic analogue durry, has meant that the rise of the vapour scab was inevitable.

“There’s just no other way around it” explained the local tightarse.

“It used to be pretty easy to scab durries. You wouldn’t ask the same person too many times, ‘cause they start to get the shits. Especially with all these new taxes”

“You could always hit up the same person for one though. There’s heaps of different tricks – my favourite was to act like it was the first smoke I’d had for the year…”

“But now everyone has these vapes. You ask someone for a durry now and they look at you like you’re a grub.”

Friendship groups have become a pleathera of different flavours for former durry scabs to sample, Jayson says it “It’s pretty sick”.

 “These things are pretty cheap, so people aren’t as reluctant to let you have some. There’s some pretty good flavours out there. One day I might even buy one, but right now I can just get by pretending to be very interesting in what type of Asian fruit my mates have chosen to puff on”

While there is no doubt that the price of cigarettes have made it pretty easy to knock back these kinds of vultures in a pub smoking area, the current pandemic has also made it pretty easy to deny someone a hit on your vape.

 “Yeah that has come up a few times, but to be honest… We are sucking on boiling chemicals that have been imported from nameless factories in Mainland China. I think the spicy cough might be the last of our concerns”


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