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Executives from a number of local frequency modulation radio stations have expressed their sorrow over the fact that the Married At First Sight Class of 2019 failed to produce anybody with the mental capacity to begin a career in radio.

Being on a reality television show such as MAFS is a prerequisite for a career in commercial radio, making today’s news all the more difficult to swallow.

Speaking slowly and with poise this morning to The Advocate, a mildly unpopular radio executive from Triple M Channel Country said this MAFS crop failure makes the possible selection pool even smaller.

“Our drive show is moving on this year to bigger and better things, so we’re in the market for a show to replace it,” said Damian Poonthroat, a senior acquisition executive with erectile disfunction.

“The Skippo, Limecock and Shitinmemouth Road Show was really popular and they’ve left some big boots to fill. Skippo was on Big Brother, Limecock we found cleaning windows at some traffic lights and Shitinmemouth was on the RoadKrew handing out t-shirts and dealing cocaine when he got the call up,”

“So we were looking to MAFS for somebody to slot in but sadly, it seems they all have the mental capacity of Paul Vautin after he’s had six-bongs back-to-back and been run over by a Volkswagen. So sad.”

The Advocate reached out to a number of other FM radio stations for comment but have yet to receive a reply.

More to come.


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