Betoota local Jenelle Frost (28) has had a rough start to her year with the first text message she has received since Christmas being nothing more than a notice that she is a casual contact of a confirmed Covid case.

After a rough couple of years, Frost states that her 2022 resolution is to not fall for any more pyramid schemes in the hope that her friends and family would not be so shy about contacting her again.

Unfortunately for Frost, her first text message of the new year was not a heartfelt hello but an automatically generated alert from the government stating she was in the same supermarket as someone with Covid-19 about a week and a half ago.

“I thought maybe someone wanted to hang out or something,” stated Frost, who may not have noticed a huge change to her routine if she was forced to isolate.


In a desperate plea for companionship Frost replied to the message with a simple ‘thank u’ before immediately receiving a message back stating replies to this number will not be read by anyone.

“Before you guys go, how would you like to make a six-figure residual income all while setting your own hours?”


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