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The nation’s most hard-done-by Member of Parliament told reporters he’s eating like a king tonight after catching 60 pigeons on the roof of Parliament House today.

Barnaby Joyce was spotted leaving Parliament this afternoon with a supper bag full to the top with dead pigeons, remarking to some reporter’s that they were ‘fingerlickin’ good’ if you cook them the right way.

During this sitting week, the Member for New England has been staying with fellow Nationals MPs David Littleproud, leader Michael McCormack and Mark Coulton in a Red Hill AirBnB.

A source within the Nationals have told our reporters that when Mr Joyce arrived back at the humble four-bedroom home, his colleagues looked on in bemusement as Barnaby’s driver helped him with his bag of pigeons to the front door.

The three of them came out onto the front lawn to see what was in Barnaby’s bag.

“Jesus Christ, Barnaby. Are those pigeons?” asked Mr McCormack.

“Yeah, I caught 60 of the bastards today on the roof,” Barnaby replied.

Mr Coulton shook his head and sighed.

“Mate, you can’t bring a bag of dead pigeons into the house. You don’t know where they’ve been. You’re fucked, mate.”

Barnaby laughed and shook his head.

“Don’t worry, mate. We’re eating good tonight. Don’t tell me you’ve never eaten pigeon before?!”

Littleproud said he had eaten pigeon before but it was ‘one of those fancy ones with the little mohawk’ and not one of the grey flying rats Barnaby had.

“There’s a Kookaburra in here down the bottom somewhere, you can eat that if you want, you big sook!”

Barnaby walked past the three of them and went inside where he started defeathering the first bird in the kitchen.

More to come.


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