Friends of new Betoota Heights residents Bob House and wife Andrea were left wondering whether Andrea had sneakily posted something using her husband’s Facebook account when a post appeared which contained a suspicious number of exclamation marks.

Friend Mark Strand was one of the first to see the suspicious post and immediately knew something was up.

“Yeah, it said something like ‘OMG my wife is the best!!!!!’ or something and there was even a whole bunch of emojis. I was thinking yeah, he’s a nice guy, he probably does like her a lot, and he could probably get away with an exclamation mark or maybe even two, but there was like 5 of them or something, plus the emojis? Nah, that doesn’t sound like him at all”.

Bob, who admitted being on the cans that night, said he saw the post when he woke up the next morning but was relatively sure he didn’t post it.

“I mean, it’s possible. I can get a bit emotional after a skinful, and my wife is great, but a whole bunch of exclamation marks? I counted them and as soon as I got to 5 I knew something was up. I don’t know of any man who has ever used more than two in a row. Not to mention the love heart emojis. Yeah, she won’t admit it but I reckon she’s the culprit for sure.”

However, designated driver Andrea denies she was involved and insists the post represents a legitimate expression of her husband’s feelings.

“OMG he totally wrote it!!!!!” she giggled.


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