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David Smith drives a forklift at the essential factory in Betoota Ponds, where they essentially make essentials for essentials workers to stay safe from what can essentially be described as the COVID-19 virus.

The 31-year-old essential worker says he’s just happy to still be in the job, because his job is largely essential to his ability to pay his bills.

“Yeah, look, it’s not a glamourous job but you know, making essentials for essential workers does essentially fill me with a lot of pride,” he told our reporter.

The Betoota Ponds Essential Factory makes essentials such as facemasks, cheap trumpets for ALDI, fake dog poo, ugg boots, bootleg CDs and vegan capsicum spray.

As the coronavirus only grows more powerful as each day passes, places of work like this are becoming more and more essential.

“It’s a bit above my pay grade, what gets made here!” laughed David.

“I only drive a forklift! Anyway, mate, better get back to it! This fake dog shit isn’t going to get into the back of that semi by itself!”

More to come.


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