A local girl that you haven’t really heard much about since she briefly moved to the city for the three months before returning back to your shared hometown, has started up another short-lived business, it has been confirmed.

The invitation to like her new business page on Facebook has her entire social media network wondering if this is the real deal, after several other cracks at similar multi-layered marketing-based small business franchises.

“She sent me a cold inbox to see if I was interested in selling health supplements a while back, that was pretty worrying” says another friend, Sarah, who has also been flicked an invitation.

“Turns out she wasn’t to interested in pyramid schemes. She needs to be her own boss”

After dabbling in selling her own art online, as well another short stint taking over the social media and event booking for an ex-boyfriend who took over a pub in town – the former-high school acquaintance seems to have transitioned into the beauty industry.

The mobile spray-tan, alongside several disciplines of naturotherapy are renowned across the small-towns of Australia, as short-lived business ventures for young women who were once so popular in high school that a career in modelling or acting was actually on the cards for a while.

“DM me if you want a visit. Can do lighter stuff as well” reads her first post on the business page.

Another post which appears to have been mistakenly posted from her personal facebook account, onto the wall of her new business, also outlines that she can do just the perfect spray for weddings, formals or music festivals.






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