Education Queensland is currently investigating a local primary school principal for allegedly breaching staff policy this week.

The allegations centre around Betoota Heights Primary School principal Janine Withers walking around school grounds without a giant scarf.

The department is currently still deciding whether to temporarily stand the principal down while they undertake what they said ‘was a serious breach of policy.’

“We can’t comment much on the issue at this point in time as we need to allow investigators to fully understand if the principal was wearing a small scarf, and if so why,” said a spokesperson for the department.

“We appreciate your patience on this matter.”

Speaking to The Advocate about the allegations, the principal explained that while she was aware the scarf she was wearing wasn’t big enough, she has asked the department to take a common-sense approach.

“The mercury is rising up here. Obviously it’s still cool enough to be wearing a scarf in the morning, but I can’t wear the normal one that could double as a blanket,” said Withers.

“It won’t happen again going forward, I’ll make sure it’s regulation size.”


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