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As the nation continues to be hit with rain, it’s become even easier to distinguish between type A and type B personalities, by not only their choice of umbrella, by how long they’ve owned it for.

For example, local woman Amelia Barlowe, 32 is known for relaxed, easy going nature and penchant for living in the moment, which is why she has such a terrible relationship with umbrellas, citing that she’s already “lost five this year” – to the point where she’s frequently dipping into Kmart or Chemist Warehouse to buy a cheap one, or just ‘rawdogging the rain’ without one.

“When it comes to umbrellas, they’re in the same realm as sunglasses and earphones”, explains Amelia, “I have to buy them cheap.”

“They’re practically disposable at this point.”

Conversely, her husband Tim has managed to have the same, fancy umbrella for five years, having never once left it at work, the gym, the local grocery store, or on public transport – and no, Leslie is NOT allowed to borrow it. Ever.

“I don’t care if it’s pissing down”, says Tim, “Amelia is not allowed to take my umbrella.”

“It’ll be the last time I see it.”

More to come.


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