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Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has flown home to Brisbane this afternoon from Canberra in a bid to reconnect with his constituents ahead of this year’s election which is set to be his toughest re-election campaign to date.

Shortly before 3pm, Dutton and his staff joined a group of local youths on a Bruce Highway overpass near Strathpine where they sipped on Little Fat Lamb and flipped off motorists.

Just as his media advisor was attempting to get him back in the Comcar for his next social appointment, one of the youths threw a small rock off the overpass and into the traffic below.

Witnesses say Dutton turned to his staff and said he knew this type of activity was popular in Brisbane’s north from his time as a police officer.

“I’m doing this guys,” he said.

And with that, Dutton uncocked his wrist and threw a sizeable shard of concrete off the overpass.

The rock collided with a prime mover, luckily missing the driver and causing only cosmetic damage to his vehicle.

However, the reception Dutton was expecting was far from what he received.

A number of motorists on the overpass pulled over to perform a citizens arrest of Peter, who was still trying to understand why people were upset at him.

“Isn’t this what you people do for fun? Let go of me!” yelled Dutton.

“Help! Help! Unhand me! I’m the Home Affairs Minister of Australia! I know all your secrets!”

A large man elected to sit on Dutton’s chest until police arrived to let Dutton go and arrest the man for assaulting a parliamentarian.

More to come.


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