Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has rejected pleas from the ABC and News Corp to drop investigations into journalists who published stories relating to national security, after someone who worked in national security gave them secret documents to publish.

Media bosses have written to Mr Dutton requesting any legal action against the journalists to not proceed, however the Home Affairs minister says ‘nobody is above the law’ unless they were ‘significant donors to the Australian Liberal Party and consulted me first before bending the law’.

Appearing on the Today Show this morning, Mr Dutton says ‘if you’ve got top secret documents and they’ve been leaked, it is an offence under the law’ unless you are ‘apart of the McLachlan family from South Australia, you can’t just do what you want to do whenever you want’

‘The police have an obligation to investigate a matter that was referred to them’ he said.

‘Unless you are a big enough donor to the Liberal Party and have my phone number and give me a call beforehand asking me if it’s okay if you break the law’.

This follows the 2018 au pair scandal that came to light with a heap of other skeletons after Peter Dutton made a tilt for the Liberal Party leadership and turned Malcolm Turnbull into a psychopath with a shovel.

Mr Dutton was accused of doing favours for bourgeois mates who needed to rush through the visa process of their cheap domestic workers.

Like most accusations of political corruption levelled towards Peter Dutton, this issue was never been resolved – and the reporters covering the story were labelled as ‘unAustralian’ by the Home Affairs Minister.

According to the Border Force website, when Australian families have enough money for a full-time unpaid nannies that lives in their house for free, they begin speaking French, and saying words like Au Pair.

Au Pair is the title given to unskilled blonde hot chicks with names like Matilda – and it appears that they get into this country easier than Chinese property investors with links to the Communist Party.

However, unfortunately when they are unlucky enough to fall pregnant to their rich visa sponsor, they leave faster than a paroled bikie with Kiwi citizenship.


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