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Local woman Shannon Scott has had a pretty good weekend.

A little too good of a weekend, if the marks on her neck are anything to go by.

It’s alleged the 24-year-old Betoota Grove resident had just started dating a bloke she met at a mutual friends party, and was in the early stages of romantic bliss – which included many nights deliriously giggling on the couch, playing tonsil hockey in public and sucking each other’s necks with no thought about tomorrow.

And though this passionate exchange of feel-good chemicals has added some much needed spice to Shannon’s life, there is the occasional drawback. Namely, the impossible to cover hickies, which admittedly, no one over the age of 18 should be doing.

Despite copping a few jokes from the roomies, Shannon’s biggest concern is hiding her life of sin from her workmates. Most of whom are over the age of forty and unlikely to approve, as they have nothing going on in their lives and would be champing at the bit to have something salacious to gossip about.

But as usual, Shannon’s go-to concealer – a $5 bargain bin special – fails to provide adequate coverage. Which isn’t too bad when you’re trying to hide dark circles but is borderline catastrophic for hiding her little passion patches.

It’s later reported that Shannon was later seen sporting a turtleneck and a scarf, earning some raised brows from the office ladies as it was 29 degrees that day.

More to come.


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