Sales of Doritos have plummeted in the wake of the disastrous fires that swept through the Nimbin Hinterland, although the cause of the sales slump is not yet known.

Doritoes Spokeswoman Leah Fritos says distributors have been caught unawares.

“Nobody is sure what’s going on yet; a lot of fingers are being pointed. We think it may be connected to the fires because sales were steady all year before the fires. When the bush around Nimbin went up in smoke sales went through the roof. I mean, every store in town was sold out overnight; it was crazy. But now… a 42.0% drop in sales is a huge blow. We’ve had to cancel the night shift we only just put on”.

Some other Nimbin businesses have also been affected by the strange sales patterns, although their links to the fires are also a mystery.

Charters Hardware store in Nimbin is reporting a “significant decline” in sales of the budget Nylex Commando garden hose, whilst several local supermarkets have reported a spike in sales of pre-packaged oregano.


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