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The Redcliffe Dolphins’ number one ticket holder, Barry Gibb of Bee Gees fame, is back in the Moreton Bay area today ahead of the Dolphins’ Mad Monday celebrations next week.

As one of Redcliffe’s favorite sons alongside such greats as Petero Civoniceva and actor William McInnes, today marks the first time Mr. Gibb has been in Redcliffe since the opening of the second stage of the Bee Gees history walk in 2015.

Mr. Gibb told The Advocate that he feels a duty to put on a ‘good show’ for the team and takes the position of the number one ticket holder very seriously.

“I went to Harvey Norman and told the boy there I needed ten microwaves and ten dinner plates,” he said before letting out a playful falsetto shriek.

“He knew what to do, he didn’t get me the cheapest. He didn’t get me the most expensive. He got me the perfect microwave [shriek]. That could be a good melody [grunts]. Uh! Yeah! Uh! Ooooooooooo miiiiicrowaaaaaave maaaaaaannn! Oooooooooooooo!”

“I’m going down to whatever that pub’s called these days? What is it? The Belvedere? I have no idea. But that’s where the party’s at. I’m going down there to see how many garbage bags I need to get to cut up and tape over the windows [shriek]. I love some secret fun.”

When asked what he thought of the Dolphins’ inaugural season in the NRL, Barry said he was proud of the boys.

“Oh, I used to hear Elton [John] carry on about his Watford football team like they were world beaters. When I used to talk about my Dolphins, Elton’s eyes would glaze over [shriek]. Ohhhh Elton’s eyes! Eh! They would glaze overrrrr! Gosh, I should go and write these down,” he said.

“But I’m proud of the boys. They’ve done me and Redcliffe proud.”

More to come.


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