Entry points to Queensland are backed up this morning after the State Government closed all borders to New South Wales overnight.

This unprecedented decision marks the first time the Southerners have been cut off since the Spanish Flu pandemic in 1919, and comes in the wake of the rapid spread of COVID-19.

With 1029 infections, NSW has more than double the cases of COVID-19 compared to Queensland’s 443. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s decision to shut down the borders may be the most effective form of social distancing yet.

Severe traffic congestion has been reported on the M1 Pacific Highway and the Gold Coast Highway as large queues formed to enter and leave the state through police road blocks.

Motorists are being questioned as to their eligibility to cross the state line, with holidayers being turned around.

However, it’s not just the coastal roads into Queensland being monitored. Police have put up road blocks at every entry point from Cameron’s Corner to Tenterfield to Mungindi.

Those who don’t have a good enough reason to enter the state, be that on compassionate grounds or for work, are rapidly running out of options to cross North.

However, there is one bloke who reckons he can get you over the border. If you got the coin.

Loitering in the car park of Boggabilla’s famous Wobbly Boot Hotel, Brandon Brailey (62) is offering up his services to help provide passage to the safety of an Queensland Autumn.

“Just you?” he says to our reporter, while resting a little bit too much of his bodyweight on the half wound driver’s side window glass.

“$500 and I’ll get you to Roma”

“$1000 to Toowoomba.”

“$3000 to Brisbane, but you don’t wanna go there, mate. That’s where you’ll catch it, plus that city is no good unless the pubs are open”

“$8000 and I’ll get you to the Daintree and no one will ever ask where you’re from”

When quizzed on his methods of transport, Brandon waved an agistment permit at our reporter.

“I can put you on a horse and we’ll follow the stock routes”

“Or if you wanna sleep in cow shit I can put you on the top on the next truck coming from Moree”

As Brandon was approaching the pointy end of his sales pitch, he was spooked by the roar of an unregistered Hilux burning down the Newell highway.

In the tray of the ute sat a dozen grey nomads wearing Hawaiian shirts.

After identifying the driver as a business parter from North Star, Brandon smiled – before urging our reporter to hurry up.

“Make it quick mate. I’ve got a delivery for Port Macquarie here. Where do you wanna go? I can waive the cash payment if you leave me ya car.”

“You’ve got five minutes, you wanna jump in with the Mosman crowd or what?”


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