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The check engine light came on in Dale Peshman’s brain long before it did in his new Jeep Wrangler.

This weekend past, the 28-year-old pool chemical sales representative took ownership of an ex-demo Jeep Wrangler from the Betoota Heights Poon Autocenter and just hours later, doctors at Royal Betoota Base Hospital declare him brain dead.

Peshman is still able to function in his capacity to sell chorine and pool salt, drink Carlton Colds in the sun with his friends and drive his Jeep when it’s not on the side of the road.

But doctors have concerns for his future, as a new Jeep Wrangler has the same ANCAP safety rating as a Segway.

The Advocate spoke to Dale outside the Base Hosptial when he was discharged last night about his diagnosis.

“It’s not good but I’m hopeful a cure will come one day,” he said.

“I didn’t have the heart to tell the doctors that it’s financed. 48 months with a 60% balloon. I’ve already missed two payments. I’m going to have to put this one coming up on my credit card,”

“Dad isn’t impressed, either. He told me to make sure the insurance is up to date then take it down to Betoota Ponds and throw a match in it. Then wake up, rub some pool salt in my eyes and go to the police station and tell them my beloved Jeep has been stolen. Take the payout and then do what people without rocks in their head to and buy a sixth-hand Proton Jumbuck and drive it like it’s stolen,”

“But until then.”

More to come.


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