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In some breaking news this afternoon, The Advocate was called to a pub in the Old City District to examine the state of Chris Kotrodimos’ first beer.

Rushing to the scene, we discovered a nearly finished schooner glass offering a unique insight into the way Kotrodimos’ week played out.

With less than a 100 ml’s of liquid remaining in the glass of happy hour Betoota Bitter, the distinct lack of ‘Schooner Stripes’ was noticeable.

Schooner Stripes (also know as Tiger Stripes, or Tree Rings) are the rings made on the inside of the schooner glass as the level of the beer decreases through consumption according to the Oxford dictionary.

How fast or slow the pub-goer is drinking, and the cleanness of the glass are the major defining factors in the way the stripes form in a schooner.

In this afternoon’s case of Kotrodimos’ glass, the one, (possibly two) stripes were tell tale signs that the Betoota Bitter had been consumed in no more than three or four big mouthfuls.

The inner city finance worker told our reporters that the empty schooner was exactly what it looked like.

“Yeah, it’s been a fuck of a week, and a fuck of a week to kick of 2019,” said Kotrodimos.

“I mean all things in perspective it’s not that bad, but I wouldn’t have minded the customary grace period of two weeks doing fuck all to start off the year.”

“Anyway, there you go, you’ve looked at my glass now I wanna go and get another one and enjoy myself so if you be so kind,” he said at which point we dutifully obliged and allowed Kotrodimos to enjoy his afternoon in peace.


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