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After a gentleman who tested positive to the pangolin’s wrath paid a visit to Sydney’s other casino, the state health authority demanded the premises be deep cleaned.

Those cleaners were asked, according to sources within the gaming empire, to scrub up everything – except for the casino’s books and the political donations they make to have their own rules and regulations.

Star vehemently denied the sources claims this morning when contacted by The Advocate.

In a statement released to the media today, The Star said they donate to all political parties and that’s not uncommon for a large business such as theirs.

“We give money to the Liberal and Labor parties on a state and national level, there is nothing strange or nefarious about that,” they said.

“And we have not instructed the deep cleaners to stay away from our books. That instruction must’ve come from the NSW Government. The reason why we have been allowed to keep trading after having some diseased Victorian through our premises is that we are much larger than other places,”

“That’s the only reason why The Crossroads Hotel was shut is that it is very small. In that part of the world, it’s considered a ‘small bar’ and falls under that special ‘small bar’ legislation,”

“We hope to have all Sydneysiders and people from around the nation come to The Star soon! The all-you-can-eat buffet is back on!”

The Advocate reached out to the NSW State Government for comment but the Premier’s communications team is currently on an RDO.

More to come.


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