Local lad Lachlan Kriesler is uncharacteristically deep in thought today after being woken by the unfamiliar sight of his father measuring his bedroom.

“Yeah, had a bit of a blinder on Friday night, for sure. I just turned the big one-eight, so me and my mates hit up Sydney. I was probably already half cut at about 1:30 when we just caught the NightRider bus home.”

“I was dusty the next day, that’s for sure. Probably a combination of the drinks and mild concussion from falling asleep against the window of the bus. Anyway, I got woken up by Dad calling my name real quiet. But I was, like, heaps hungover and just wanted to be left alone, so I pretended to be still sleeping, you know?”

“Then I’m hearing this weird metallic noise and I open one eye and see dad measuring up the room. At that point he sees me looking and just mumbles something about checking the walls and quickly leaves.”

“At first I was wondering whether I dreamed the whole thing but today I saw him going through his old boxes of slot car stuff in the back of the shed so I don’t even know what to think anymore”.

“Look, there’s no need to panic, I’m not about to kick him out, although it must be exciting for him to know that as an adult he can leave at any time,” said dad Alan, 43, as he strategically positioned the real estate section of the local paper on the kitchen bench.

“He could quite easily move to any number of suitable properties in the area, like this one, or this one. This one is nice, and this one is close to his girlfriend’s house.

“It’s a bit more expensive but maybe they could share the rent? Anyway, like I was saying, he doesn’t need to freak out, I’m not about to kick him out of the racetrack.”


“Yeah, sorry, meant to say bedroom.”


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