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“No mate, it’s supposed to look like that,” said the publican.

In the least-dark corner of the Pigeon & Pogostick Hotel in Betoota Ponds is a 60-inch curved television.

It’s been bolted to the wall since 2013 when it was purchased new for an amount of money the publican refuses to disclose today.

“It cost a bit,” he said coyly, casting his mind back to a time when things were a bit different.

When pushed on exactly how much he paid for the curved TV which seemed like the height of human ingenuity at the time, his defence held tight.

“A bit,” he sighed.

“And look, to be fair, it is a far more immersive experience,” motioning to the tv currently playing a re-run of a 2001 State of Origin match.

“Which I think our patrons really appreciate after 7 schooners on a Friday night as they glance occasionally at the score.”

“The plastic schooners ricochetted nicely off it during the recent Maroons loss as well.”

We then left the publican in a state of sad contemplation, thinking back to the time when the resources coming out of the ground were plentiful, the housing market was never going to slow down and the pokies were even less regulated.


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