As she sits in her local Westfields food court munching on a crispy chicken baguette, local woman Mara Campbell has the eerie sense that someone is watching her.

It’s not the first time Mara has incurred the stares of strangers, but she’d like to think that the majority of the unwanted attention she received was immediately dropped the moment they met her steely gaze. Unfortunately, as she glances up mid-chew to find the source of the attention, she’s immediately met with the unwavering stare of an elderly man who’s stopped in the middle of the aisle to focus all of his efforts onto her – an action that’s made all the more creepy by his deep, shallow breaths and seemingly inability to blink.

“Eurgh, hello?” 

“Can I help you?”

Glancing back down at her now unappealing looking baguette, Mara questions if her anger is valid or if he’s just a poor old man with a deteriorating mental state who doesn’t even know she’s there. But as he leans forward and continues to shamelessly stare despite being caught out, Mara finds herself fixating on his twitching mouth and wondering if it’s socially acceptable to punch an old man.

Luckily for her, the old man is soon roused from his void state by a passerby, whose vibrant pink hair and colourful tattoos instantly cop a load of disapproval and a series of inaudible mutterings.

More to come.


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