The rest of the nation has responded to NSW’s bold comments yesterday.

As the southern state enjoys a week of opening back up, Premier Dominic Perrottet has inflated the already inflated egos of his constituents.

“We are leading the nation out of this thing, and showing them the path to living with this virus,” he said yesterday during the very weird beer-themed photo shoot with some other politicians who probably all hate beer.

Perrottet’s comments come after a pretty normal year for the likes of Queensland, Western Australia, The Territory, South Australia and Tasmania, who have all thanked him for his time.

“Yeah, we’re actually all good, thanks mate,” said Queensland a short time ago, after enjoying its first NRL Grand Final after a couple of multi-day lockdowns.

“You do you brother,” chimed in The Democratic People’s Republic of Western Australia.

“Thanks for the thought though.”

“But we are just gonna try and roll through, get jabbed up and continue living how we been living.”

“All the best to you guys. Keep leading or whatever it is you do.”

South Australia just said they said what WA said.

More to come.


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