As the NSW Government and residential developers in Sydney face scrutiny over the possibility that every one of the 40,000 new high-rise apartments that were rushed through planning processes since the 2001 Olympics may be structural unsound, Premier Gladys Berejiklian has quickly moved to find positives in the recent Opal Tower disaster.

This comes as a number of design and construction issues have been confirmed inside the now infamous Opal Tower by an independent investigation into the building’s faults.

An interim briefing report by two engineering experts, commissioned by the state government, has identified a number of problems in the Sydney Olympic Park tower, and leaves an entire nation wondering how many more residential high-rises have been built this poorly, knowing full well that the entire nation could be forced into recession if Sydney’s manipulated housing market is found to be 30% unliveable.

Flanked by nameless members of the NSW Liberal Government, which apparently has an upper house as well, Premier Berejiklian today joined developers in Olympic Park to launch the new slowly rotating restaurant on top of Olympic Tower.

The Premier was not game to actually enter the premises, and instead opted to cut a ribbon outside, within a safe distance.

“This has the potential to bring a lot of tourists to Homebush” she said.

“I know no overseas visitors have really been here since the closing ceremony, except for the foreign property investors, so this could be great for the region”

“Whatever, just stop asking me questions about pingers”

The tower was evacuated on Christmas Eve after cracks were found in the structure with residents still shut out of their apartments as investigations continue.


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