A local Finance and Account Management Sales Analyst has confirmed to The Advocate today that ‘cold weather is very compatible with a few schooners, haha.’

Nathan White-Coller, a 31-year-old from our town’s Grove district said he’s ready to batten down the hatches until this Polar Blast thing blows over.

His comments come despite the fact that Betoota is unlikely to feel too much of an effect from the Polar Blast ripping through the south and east of the country currently.

“When the mercury drops down, it’s time to warm my self up with a few laughing liquids,” said White-Coller down at an Old City District pub with some work friends.

“Besides, don’t want to be out in the open when there’s wild weather about you know.”

“Better to be safe indoors and then maybe if there’s a quiet patch, later on, I’ll duck out and get home safely.”

Nathan then ordered himself and his friends another round of Betoota Bitters and proceeded on his merry way.

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